I’m a psychologist, psychotherapist, specialist in addiction therapy. I conduct psychological consultations, individual and group therapy, couples therapy and addiction therapy. I also conduct training and psychoeducational workshops as well as training and educational activities.

In my work I’m looking for comprehensive solutions that allow not only to solve a single problem, but also to improve the quality of life in all of its aspects.

I conduct psychotherapy based on the psychodynamic understanding of a person. My therapeutic offer is addressed to people struggling with such problems as:

  • difficulties in dealing with emotions
  • difficulties in coping with stress
  • life crisis
  • problems with relations
  • lack of motivation
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • compulsive disorder
  • psychosomatic symptoms
  • destructive behavior patterns
  • addiction (alcohol, drugs, medicines and others)
  • behavioral addiction (gambling, sex, work and others)
  • difficulties resulting from living with an addict
  • personality disorders